Akrevia Therapeutics is focused on developing highly potent, tumor-targeted
immuno-oncology therapeutics

Our Focus

We believe tumor targeting is key to unlocking the true promise of immuno-oncology. Although there are many potential mechanisms, most are unexploited because we lack the ability to focus their activity only where it is needed — at the tumor.

Our vision at Akrevia is to use tumor targeting to unleash the full potential of immune stimulating molecules, including antibodies, cytokines and chemokines, as new options for patients living with cancer.

Our Science

Akrevia’s Aklusion platform, based on technology licensed from City of Hope and Thomas Jefferson University, allows potently active biological molecules to be kept inactive until they encounter the tumor microenvironment.

With a potential best-in-class anti-CTLA4 antibody as validation, the technology is being broadly applied to other biologic architectures, including highly-potent cytokines and chemokines which currently have limited or no clinical utility due to toxicities.

By tailoring pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties in parallel, Aklusion allows design of molecules with potential best-in-class potency and selectivity.

About Akrevia

“Akrevia” is derived from the Greek word for “precision”, which reflects our mission to precisely deliver the activity of potent, tailored immunotherapies exactly where it’s needed.

We are located in Cambridge, MA, funded by blue chip investors F-Prime Capital Partners and Atlas Venture, and led by an experienced management team with a track record of building innovative companies and delivering novel therapies to cancer patients.

Our Team

We have brought together a team of passionate leaders and investors with deep experience in growing successful companies and delivering breakthrough medicines to cancer patients.

Our Leadership

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Our Board


Akrevia News

Akrevia Therapeutics Licenses Exclusive Rights from City of Hope to Expand Development Pipeline of Potent, Tumor Targeted Immunotherapies

March 26, 2019 CAMBRIDGE, Mass.

'Switchblade' technology provides unique, proprietary approach to engineer cytokines and other potent immune modulators to activate only in the tumor microenvironment

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President and EVP R&D Discusses Akrevia Launch and the Future of IO with Xconomy

Sept. 27, 2018 CAMBRIDGE, Mass.

Akrevia President and EVP R&D Tim Clackson was recently interviewed by Xconomy on the launch of Akrevia. In the article, Clackson spoke about the current limitations of current immunotherapies and Akrevia’s lead candidate, CTLA-4.

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A Little Biotech with Big Plans

Sept. 27, 2018 CAMBRIDGE, Mass.

John Carroll, Endpoints Editor-in-Chief, and Tim Clackson, Akrevia President and EVP of R&D, discuss the team, the science, and the financing behind the Akrevia launch.

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Akrevia Therapeutics Launches with $30M Series A Financing Led by F-Prime Capital Partners and Atlas Venture

Sept. 27, 2018 CAMBRIDGE, Mass.

Tim Clackson, Ph.D., former President of R&D at ARIAD Pharmaceuticals, joins as President and EVP of R&D. Nessan Bermingham, Ph.D., former President & CEO of Intellia Therapeutics joins as Executive Chairman. Company applies validated platform technology to develop pipeline of potent, tumor-targeted immunotherapies

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